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Allstar SZD-54 Perkoz (Aerobatic)

SZD-54 Perkoz (Aerobatic)
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    For Beginners
    Spin Recovery

    This two-seater top model of the SZD-type-family of glassfibre composite combines the experience of 50 years of glider manufacturing with the latest experience of aerodynamics, design and ergonomics. The result enthuses experienced competition pilots as well as instructors and ambitious aerobatic pilots.

    The PERKOZ has been designed according to CS-22 regulations for aerobatic flying and has been approved for aerobatic flying as well as for the utility category. The version with attached wingtips has a span of 20m and an extraordinary finesse ratio of 42.

    The rigging of the PERKOZ is simple, save and fast due to the automatic controls. The universal usability makes the PERKOZ unique and an optimum investment for clubs and private pilots.

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    Why buy

    A valid and contemporary alternative to the ASK 21 old-timer, with fans turned into zealots around the world.

    General characteristics

    Class Two seater
    Crew 2
    First flight 2011

    Technical characteristics

    Height 2.05 m
    Length 8.25 m
    Wingspan 20 m
    Wing Area 17.82 m²
    Aspect Ratio 24.75
    Flaps No
    Empty Weight 379 Kg
    Gross Weight 565 Kg
    Ballast 0 Kg
    Retractable Gear No
    Retractable Propeller No
    Self Launching No


    Min Sink 0.58 m/s
    Glide Ratio 42
    Stall speed 61.6 Km/h
    VNE 266 Km/h
    Gs 7/-5