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    Average Flown Distance

    (source: OLC 2016)

    For Beginners
    Spin Recovery

    DG is a now legendary glider company that got it's start with the venerable DG 100. This standard class glider was based on the experimental model, the Akaflieg Darmstadt D-38. If you are lucky enough to come across this glider on the used marketplace give it your serious consideration. This glider looks good, assembles easily, and gives you most of the experience of flying the more modern DG 300 at a considerable discount. Although modern in the 1970's, it's airfoil is thick by today's standards limiting its top speeds. However, the DG 100 more than makes up for this with good slow speed handling, excellent climbing characteristics and minimal performance degradation from bugs or water. It cruises well at 80 kts and below. Flexible wings insure a soft ride through its speed envelope. This glider is competitive with the ASW 19 and the LS-1 and very capable cross country glider which shines in weak conditions.

    You will notice some gliders have "ELAN" on the side. These models were not produced by DG directly but are otherwise identical. The wings are secured with two large wing pins placed directly though the spars aft of the pilot. This makes wing assembly a breeze! The manual hookups for control surfaces require minimal effort. You will find you can assemble and disassemble a DG 100/101 "G" version about as quickly as a modern auto-hookup glider. Light wings make finding a helper much easier.

    Newer pilots may be put off by the GC hook for aerotow. Do not be afraid, aerotowing is a delight and the DG behaves superbly behind the tug.

    Pete Appleby

    Why buy

    Amazing visibility, easy assembly, docile handling, good airbrakes, killer looks.

    General characteristics

    Class Club
    Crew 1
    First flight 1974
    Built 327

    Technical characteristics

    Height 1.4m
    Length 7m
    Wingspan 15m
    Wing Area 11m²
    Aspect Ratio 20.5
    Flaps No
    Empty Weight 230Kg
    Gross Weight 418Kg
    Ballast NoKg
    Retractable Gear Yes
    Retractable Propeller No
    Self Launching No


    Min Sink 0.59m/s
    Glide Ratio 39
    Stall speed 67Km/h
    VNE 260Km/h