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Average Flown Distance

(source: OLC 2016)

For Beginners
Spin Recovery

Probably due to the advanced concepts which inspired its design, the LS7 has paid like its contemporary, the ASW24, the toll of not being fully understood at the beginning by its pilots and even its inceptors. Just like the ASW24 bore the name of a difficult glider in turbulent conditions, the LS7 was deemed (probably also due to the higher base wing loading) a poor climber in thermals. And just like the ’24 has undergone modifications (B version wing profile and adoption of winglets), the LS7 has seen in the introduction of the WL variant the attempt to offset what was recognized as a design fault. But –alas! – the worst had already happened, and word of mouth had definitely killed both machines, to the great advantage of the Discus and others.

Why buy

Two good reasons to buy it: 1) it’s as beautiful as a LS8 but costs half its price; 2) it’s a modern, performing, easy to rig and pleasant to fly glider, built with extreme care and quality. A very good value for money indeed.

General characteristics

Class Standard
Crew 1
First flight 1987
Built 164

Technical characteristics

Height 1.33m
Length 6.66m
Wingspan 15m
Wing Area 9.7m²
Aspect Ratio 23.1
Flaps No
Empty Weight 234Kg
Gross Weight 486Kg
Retractable Gear Yes
Retractable Propeller No
Self Launching No


Min Sink 0.63m/s
Glide Ratio 43
VNE 270Km/h