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Schempp-Hirth Discus b

Discus b
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Average Flown Distance

(source: OLC 2016)

For Beginners
Spin Recovery
Standard production model utilizing the fuselage and tail of the Ventus b. We are looking for an influential pilot to review Discus b. Maybe you?

Why buy

It's an high-performer suitable for beginners, and when you are experienced enough to race you don't have to upgrade.

General characteristics

Crew 1
First flight 1984
Built 850

Technical characteristics

Height 1.27 m
Length 6.68 m
Wingspan 15 m
Wing Area 10.58 m²
Aspect Ratio 21.3
Flaps No
Empty Weight 233 Kg
Gross Weight 525 Kg
Ballast 180 Kg
Retractable Gear Yes
Retractable Propeller No
Self Launching No


Min Sink 0.59 m/s
Glide Ratio 42.5
Stall speed 66 Km/h
VNE 250 Km/h
Gs 5.3/-2.65