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Schleicher ASH 25EB/28

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    Average Flown Distance

    (source: OLC 2016)

    For Beginners
    Spin Recovery
    Self launching version of the ASH 25E with a wider 28m wingspan and a single piece canopy. We are looking for an influential pilot to review ASH 25EB/28. Maybe you?

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    General characteristics

    Class Open
    Crew 2
    First flight 1986
    Built 266

    Technical characteristics

    Height 1.7 m
    Length 9 m
    Wingspan 28 m
    Wing Area 16.5 m²
    Aspect Ratio 39.8
    Flaps Yes
    Empty Weight 538 Kg
    Gross Weight 750 Kg
    Ballast 120 Kg
    Retractable Gear Yes
    Retractable Propeller Yes
    Self Launching Yes


    Min Sink 0.42 m/s
    Glide Ratio 60
    Stall speed 64 Km/h
    VNE 280 Km/h
    Gs 5.3/-2.65