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SchleicherASW 15

ASW 15
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    Average Flown Distance

    (source: OLC 2016)

    For Beginners
    Spin Recovery

    This is one of the most successful Standard Class sailplanes ever. First models were prone to suffering fungus infestation, some parts being built in balsa wood, so be sure you buy serial number 356 or above.

    Despite its all-flying tailplane, the plane is not particularly pitch sensitive (like Std Cirrus). The older ASW-15 has a CG hook that is offset and is difficult to control on early phase of tow but a modification is available in more recent models. Low speed handling is good, specially if you can find a model with winglets.

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    Why buy

    A best-seller, robust and easy to fly. Besides, it's Schleicher.

    General characteristics

    Class Standard
    Crew 1
    First flight 1968
    Built 183

    Technical characteristics

    Height 1.45m
    Length 6.45m
    Wingspan 15m
    Wing Area 11m²
    Aspect Ratio 20.45
    Flaps No
    Empty Weight 210Kg
    Gross Weight 318Kg
    Ballast 0Kg
    Retractable Gear Yes
    Retractable Propeller No
    Self Launching No


    Min Sink 0.58m/s
    Glide Ratio 36.5
    Stall speed 64Km/h
    VNE 220Km/h