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SchleicherASW 20L

Average Price €23000 2
  • €22974.6
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    Average Flown Distance

    (source: OLC 2016)

    For Beginners
    Spin Recovery

    The ASW20 and ASW20L combine a performance that was unmatched when they were introduced and is still good now, with delightful handling and, because the wing is flexible, a soft ride through turbulence. The very effective flapss allow you, as has been said, "to get into the field you really shouldn't have chosen!".

    On the downside it requires good speed control on approach, due to a low maximum speed with landing flaps, and (in mine anyway) the Hotelier connectors make care during rigging essential. But with belly hook only, reasonably experienced pilots only to aerotow?

    Roger Burghall

    Why buy

    Delightful handling - good performance for its price range - ability to get into small fields.

    General characteristics

    Class Sports
    Crew 1
    First flight 1977
    Built 511

    Technical characteristics

    Height 1.45m
    Length 6.82m
    Wingspan 16.6m
    Wing Area 11.05m²
    Aspect Ratio 24.9
    Flaps Yes
    Empty Weight 260Kg
    Gross Weight 380Kg
    Ballast 0Kg
    Retractable Gear Yes
    Retractable Propeller No
    Self Launching No


    Min Sink 0.55m/s
    Glide Ratio 45.5
    Stall speed 66Km/h
    VNE 265Km/h
    Gs 5.3/-2.65