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SchleicherASW 27

ASW 27
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Average Flown Distance

(source: OLC 2016)

For Beginners
Spin Recovery

This is a high performance glider, meant to compete in the FAI 15 Metre class with no compromise. It doesn’t feature any 18 m wing extension, it allows no engine retrofit… it is strictly meant to be a 15 metre competition sailplane, OK?

The wing design just doesn’t let air get turbulent all along its profile, allowing for performance usually associated with larger Open Class gliders. The controls are linked in a very sophisticated way resulting in desirable feedback from control surfaces but still comfortable enough to match non-fatiguing fly requirements need for long flights. The cockpit is top-notch in safety and protection, while still being comfy and allowing for easy operations on board (I mean... adjustable back rest!). Crash tests were performed letting the fuselage drop at 6 m/s on the ground.

It was so uncompromising that when the overlapping ASW 29 came into the game its production was terminated.

We are looking for an influential pilot to reviewASW 27. Maybe you?

Why buy

You want this glider because you want to compete, no frills.

General characteristics

Class FAI 15 Metre
Crew 1
First flight 1995
Built 237

Technical characteristics

Height 1.3m
Length 6.5m
Wingspan 15m
Wing Area 9m²
Aspect Ratio 25
Flaps Yes
Empty Weight 235Kg
Gross Weight 500Kg
Ballast 180Kg
Retractable Gear Yes
Retractable Propeller No
Self Launching No


Min Sink 0.5m/s
Glide Ratio 48
Stall speed 70Km/h
VNE 285Km/h
Gs 5.3/-2.65